We are in!!!!

Hello and godmorgon! 🙂

Yesterday i qualified!!!. 😉
I’m so happy with that because that’s all that i wanted right now.
It feels so good and i so proud off my self!
Here is my qualifying runs this weekend ET 7.11 , ET 7.27 and ET 6.98 !!
So we are in now in the ladder, and today i’m gonna race Eddie in the first round.
That will be good! Have a good day ! 🙂



Eddie Krawiec still atop the list at 6.844 and

Elvira Karlsson on the bump spot at 6.984/188.81!

One more round  to go!!  🙂




Now we are on the track in Chicago . It will be so nice this weekend. The Weather is sunny and amazing. My Dad and Gary working on the bike right now and mounting the engine. Me and Elsa sitting and look when the cars drive. The track looks so GOOD!




Ending off this raceweekend

Hello people then came this raceweekend to an end !

Yesterday I drove the last round, so good 6.94 seconds and 192mph = 309kmh
My fastes time ever. I’m so happy! But unfortunately we ended up outside the bumpspot !
Next time we get them! We may come to Chicago next, We’ll see!
But now I go home to Sweden on Monday night.

I’am so happy for this weekend, I thank all my fans for the support for this awesome days! Both here in englishtown & Europe !

See you! ❤️



Viran & Gary 1


Saturday Q2


I just drove again, this run felt good at first, but the same shit thing happened again .. 🙁  No gearbox. My reaction was good 0,038s and 60-foot 1.12s not so good, 660 FT 4.53s

My mechanic is putting in the spare engine right now, so that I get into all gears  🙂
See you all after next round!